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State audit urges consolidation of city schools

Asbury Park High School

A state report says Asbury Park schools are underutilized and should consolidate. The report also suggests increasing class sizes. Asbury Park schools cost $42,382 per student each year, up from $24,306 in 2011, when it was the highest such cost in the state. [MORE]

New interim city chief: Award-winner, controversial

City of Asbury Park logo

Asbury Park has a new interim city manager following last month's resignation of Michael Capabianco -- the fifth city manager in seven years. [MORE]

Asbury Park Boardwalk Instagram

Magazine says city beach tops list

An international luxury magazine says Asbury Park has the best beach in New Jersey. [MORE]

Councilwoman: Boardwalk back by Memorial Day

City Councilwoman Eileen Chapman says the missing portion of the Asbury Park boardwalk will be back in place by Memorial Day in its original configuration. [MORE]

Photo Courtesy Greenspot

Charging stations coming

Greenspot, which specializes in the implementation of electric vehicle charging projects, is launching its state-of-the-art e-Mobility Hubs in four cities: Columbus, Ohio; Newton, Mass.; Brookline, Mass.; and Asbury Park, N.J. [MORE]

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Not just another pizza place

One of New Jersey's most popular pizza destinations is coming to Asbury Park after tantalizing with its many-layered offerings in Roselle Park. [MORE]