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Bridge project advances

Foundation piles are being installed for the new Sunset Avenue Bridge over Deal Lake between Asbury Park and Ocean Township. A total of 72 piles are needed to support the three piers of the new $7.4 million bridge, which is due for completion next May.

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Seasonal traffic changes

Motorists need to be alert as traffic signals at key intersections in the city have changed with the season. Three in particular have switched from blinking red and yellow lights to full red, yellow and green stop lights -- Fifth and Grand avenues (pictured here), Seventh Avenue and Kingsley Street, and Lake Avenue and Bond Street.

Photo of Pianos Become the Teeth by @mindequalsblownnet

Skate and Surf sizzles again

The 2015 Skate and Surf Festival provided pop-punk passion and several happy returns as bands including Thrice, Acceptance and From Autumn to Ashes reunited for the two-day event in Bradley Park and along Ocean Avenue.

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Agency downgrades Asbury Park debt rating

Moody's Investors Service has downgraded the city of Asbury Park to Baa2 from Baa1, affecting approximately $39.1 million in outstanding general obligation debt. The change was prompted by an increased risk of aid cuts to municipalities, given a state Superior Court ruling calling for an additional $1.6 billion to be set aside for state worker pensions in the 2016 New Jersey budget.

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Beware, local business owners!

Recently, received a call from a local phone number, 732-897-5735. The caller said she wanted to "verify" local businesses and help them secure their "listing on Google" for a "one-time fee." When informed that Google did not charge owners to have their businesses listed on the search engine, the caller did not argue and eventually hung up. We attempted to inform Google of this shady practice using their name, but the Internet behemoth said there would be a half-hour waiting time on the phone with no guarantee that the information would get to the right place. There is also no easy way to e-mail such information to Google, so we serve up this news brief as an advisory to local businesses.

Consultant recommends huge hikes in parking fees

The city paid a parking consultant $45,000 to recommend that it hire two new bureaucrats at a cost of $135,000, charge $3 for the first hour to park for dinner on Cookman Avenue, and increase resident parking permit fees by 4000 percent from $30 a year to $1200 a year. The consultant makes many other suggestions in a 152-page report which can be read online or downloaded.

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